5 Tips to Take Your Musical.ly Profile to the Next Level

5 Tips to Take Your Musical.ly Profile to the Next Level

It didn’t take Musical.ly much time to become one of the most popular social media platforms. Alongside making some of its users or as they like to be addressed, “Musers”, superstars. However, it has been a rough ride for the application itself, since its former introduction in 2014, it didn’t get popular instantly. The growth was quite stagnant, even though the application has a very loyal fan base.

After a little bit of research founder Alex Zhu found out that there is an issue with the branding of the product, so, after some tweaks here and there, they revamped it with the logo of the application visible on the content. Needless to say, that Zhu was absolutely correct and the redesigned Musical.ly did not take more than two months to become the number 1 app on the iTunes app store.

Musical.ly now has a dedicated fan base and today we have compiled 5 pro tips from the box of those who made it big on the platform.

So, let’s not waste any more time and get started.

1. You are supposed to go through the learning curve: You learn, you put your skills to practice, and that’s how you grow. Nothing comes easy and neither does fame. Creating content is an art and to get noted or become famous, you need to keep trying. You are probably not going to get it right in the first try, but do not give up. Keep trying and keep learning until you master it.

2. Invest in a good tripod if you are willing to make dance videos: People often make this mistake of manually handling the camera while making dance videos. It is not only tough but quite troublesome both for you and your partner. Instead, invest in a good quality tripod. Also, do not forget to practice your dance moves, before getting into creating content for your audience.

3. Make use of props: If you use pops relevant to your act, then chances are that your audience is going to enjoy it. Not only your existing audience, but you may also become successful in attracting a couple newer Musical.ly fans for yourself.

4. Do not shy away from those challenges going viral on the platform: These hashtags, viral challenges, and songs can literally be your turning point. So, don’t give up on that chance and make the most out of it. It increases the chance of your profile getting discovered by several Musical.ly users. And, just in case you made it to the viral list yourself, then you are all set.

5. Do not be afraid to become a perfectionist: It’s okay to make mistakes. You are here to learn and get better eventually. Do not hesitate to delete the older videos that you no more find relevant or simply not the best work of yours. Apart from that, once you start building a little fan base of yours, there will be several other matters that you would need to take care of. For instance, following a proper niche. It is always plausible to keep on introducing several little tweaks over time.

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