10 Best Digital Marketing Activities for Use in 2020

10 Best Digital Marketing Activities for Use in 2020

Looking forward to boost your business prospects in 2020? Here are 10 best digital marketing activities you need to adopt to stay ahead of your competitors:

1. Direct Connection

In 2020, most businesses will shift their focus on use of private messaging apps in a better ways. So instead of using emails, businesses will use smartphone apps for digital marketing such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Viber. With major brands already embracing this trend, customers will be comfortable paying for products using messaging apps. The whole process of sending and receiving money will get smoother and easier.

2. Visualization

People give preference to visual content as compared to plain text. No wonder Instagram and Pinterest have acquired huge popularity in the past few years. Visuals are attractive and can be easily remembered. So make sure you add the following to your website and blogs in 2020:

– Infographics
– Data visualizations
– Images
– Videos

This will make your content engaging and attractive.

3. Influencer Marketing

Do not underestimate the power of influencer marketing. It is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing that emphasizes amplifying and spreading your brand message to a wider audience. These influencers can be anyone from bloggers with thousands of followers, well-known celebrities etc. You can find these personalities on Instagram. Targeting YouTube personalities will also help. Since influencers have a huge niche following, they can spread your brand message faster and more effectively across wider audience. Over 62% consumers rely on opinions of influencers more than what brands voice about themselves.

4. Customer Retention will be the Focus

Business must focus on retaining existing clients. It is more affordable to keep existing customers happy than making new ones. Retaining customers is very helpful in increasing revenue as they tend to recommend you to their friends and even give you referrals.

5. Voice-Powered Search

People are using smartphones with voice assistants. Hence, it is time to take advanced features such as Siri (iOS), Google, and Alexa seriously. They can help you a lot in digital marketing. Using voice assistants to search for things is the latest trend. Voice search will help you in your business too. Voice search enhances value of artificial intelligence and arranges semantics of searches.

6. Streaming Video Ad Engagement

Digital marketing in 2019 was all about videos. The trend will continue to rule in 2020. According to reports, digital budgets experienced a hike of over 25% and it is continuing to grow on a yearly basis. It is important to understand that online users are interested in both content as well as ads while watching videos. So make sure you add videos to your social networks and business websites. Consider live videos too. These tend to attract wider audience and have a stronger impact. In short, it is time to integrate both streaming and live video advertisements to your site in 2020.

7. Personalization

This trend will continue to rule in 2020. The present age consumer is over-flooded with irritating marketing messages from several different channels. Most people tend to get annoyed with these messages. It is important to understand that traditional advertising is quickly losing its impact on audience. The key is to use personalized marketing messages. The message must strike a real connection between your business and target audience. According to studies, it is revealed that around 80 per cent of consumers will deal with a brand that promises a personalized experience.

8. Chat Bots

These days, the major focus on web designers and developers is on making the service simpler and less confusing for users. Since a person cannot attend to all queries physically, bots can be of huge help. Chat bots are easier to personalize and program. Businesses can use these bots to ensure the clients get quick answers, complaints resolved, additional content, and even provide assistance in registering or requesting. Including efficient chat bots is a great way to increase conversion.

9. Youtube for Digital Marketing

Popularity and usefulness of this platform has shown a significant rise in the past few years. Most companies are advertising and promoting themselves on adjacent channels. Right from a significant number of video marketers to influencers, everyone is using the channel on Youtube. Hence, Youtube should be one of the strategies for your digital marketing attempts in 2020.

10. Social Networks

This is very crucial. Without social networking, you might miss out on a huge chunk of opportunity. Did you know over 1.5 billion users show up on Facebook daily? According to a research, over 2 billion messages are exchanged regularly sent between buyers and sellers on this platform. On the other hand, over 55 billion messages are exchanged through whatsapp on a daily basis. With most of the young users spending hours checking social networks, you cannot afford to ignore this trend.

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